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Bright and Beautiful Newborn Photography in Salem Oregon

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If you are looking for newborn photography in Salem Oregon, I am here to make your life super easy!

My in home newborn sessions are designed to help you and your baby have a sweet and stress-free experience.

How does Newborn Photography in Salem Oregon works?

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It all starts with a super simple booking process. You will send me a quick message with your desired dates. Of course that doesn’t have to be exact if your baby is not here yet. We will work all the final details once baby arrives.

A quick online contract is signed and you pay your retainer fee to secure your spot.

After that, I will be giving you some very simple and quick tips on how to style your session and prepare your family.

On session day, I will come into your home prepared to help everybody relax and enjoy their time.

Your newborn will have plenty of opportunities for feeding, diaper change and snuggles.

For most of the photos they will be in the arms of a family member. We will do a few solo shots of the baby when they are feeling relaxed and sleepy.

What’s the best time for newborn photos?


Your baby will be adorable at any age, that’s a fact.

In my experience with newborn photography in Salem Oregon, babies retain their squishy newborn look for the first three weeks after birth. If you are looking to document these time in your baby’s life, then make sure to schedule your session in that window.

After three weeks they start getting a little plumper and their little faces start changing. Some parents prefer to wait until this stage, specially since the baby will be a little more awake.

If you want to document your baby’s personality, I would say around three months of age is when they start showing a lot more of it.

The reality is, you could have 3-4 photoshoots of your baby in their first year and you would be able to document so many changes. If you are interested in setting up milestone sessions for their first year, let’s talk! I offer milestone packages.


collage of newborn photography in salem oregon

Does my house need to be perfect?


Absolutely not!

You don’t have to be a HGTV worthy house to have your photos taken in it.

Here are my main recommendations:

  • remove any items that you don’t want in the photos out of sight
  • use a light and neutral bedding set ( think creams, beiges and natural white)
  • focus the tidy up on 2-3 rooms in the house that have the best light ( we won’t be using any rooms that don’t)

As simple as that! Your house will most likely not be super clean and tidy days after you’ve given birth ( or years, in my case). The in home newborn photos experience is meant to be calm and relaxing for you. Once I get to your home, I will move any furniture around so that we can get the best angles and light.


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