Find The Best Gently Used Items at Hoot-N-Annie Portland

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Hoot-N-Annie is a Portland resale boutique for women’s and kid’s clothing as well as toys, books and furniture.

Raising kids is expensive! You get all this great gear and clothing for them, and a minute later they don’t fit anymore.

Now imagine if there was a place where you could get great quality kid’s items at a fraction of the price. That’s where resale stores come in very handy!

You are not alone in the feeling of frustration that comes with spending a ton of money on apparel and toys for your kids, only to have to get rid of it shortly after. Maybe your baby had a growth spurt and outgrew a ton of adorable clothing. Maybe they received one (or 10) too many gifts from grandma and grandpa for their birthday. The reality is, a lot of things you buy for your kids will end up costing way more than you would like it to.

What can you get at Hoot-N-Annie?


Hoot-N-Annie has two locations in Portland. The Progress Ridge location carries gently used women’s and kids’ clothing and accessories.

At their location in Hillsdale you can find clothing for mom and kids as well as maternity clothing, toys, shoes, blankets and a lot more!

What I love about Hoot-N-Annie is that their inventory is constantly being updated. There’s always something new and exciting to be found there.


How do Resale Shops Work?


Shops like Hoot-N-Annie  are places where you can both buy and sell gently used, in-great-condition items.

If you are looking to sell: bring your high quality items to the shop ( check their schedule here to see when they accept items and how many). They will usually check your items on the spot and let you know what they can keep on consignment.

The lovely store staff will let you know when to check back in for items that have sold. Once you find out, you can spend it in store or cash it in.

The items that are not sold will usually be donated to charities.


How shopping at Hoot-N-Annie helps the planet


We all know about the climate crisis and how the amount of waste we are producing currently needs to slow down.

One great way we can contribute to that change is by buying gently used items from shops like Hoot-N-Annie.

Every time we buy a used piece of clothing, toy or furniture, we stop it from going to landfills. The longer the life cycle of a product, the best for the environment.

So you can rest your head very proudly in your pillow at night, because you are doing a very good deed.

Another great part of it is that you are supporting a small, locally-owned business. That makes a huge difference to your community’s economy.


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