family of four laughing during family portrait session in Portland

Shop Local and Have Fun at Hammer and Jacks

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family of four laughing during family portrait session in Portland


Looking to support a local business while shopping for fun and inventive toys? Hammer and Jacks is a family-owned toy store in Portland that will blow your socks off! Here you can find a variety of toys, books, stuffed animals, play structures and so much more.


Their website is super fun and easy to navigate too. You can visit them at the shop or order online.


Products you can expect to find at Hammer and Jacks


The toys here are really on a mission to ignite your child’s imagination. They go from super cool  magna tiles sets, to boomboxes and Waldorf inspired items. Their super unique inventory is not something you’d find at your neighborhood department store. 


Their arts and crafts section has some really cool items for your little artiste to let loose their inner Frida Khalo and the little Einstein of the family will be pleased to know they have some great science kits to keep them entertained.

family of four laughing during family portrait session in Portland

Toy Selection


I love a store with a great selection of toys for all ages and tastes. I often feel that when I shop at mainstream stores, there’s a large quantity of toys, but the variety in taste doesn’t seem that great.


That’s why independent owned stores like Hammer and Jacks are so great. The owners very often have kids of their own and are in direct contact with customers on a daily basis. That way they can gather a ton of information about what kids really want.


At Hammer and Jacks you can find bath toys, bikes, scooters, ride-ons, building sets and blocks, dolls, doll houses, playsets, educational and science toys and kits, figurines, games, puzzles, dress up and imaginative play items, musical instruments, outdoor play equipment, planes, trains, automobiles, stuffed animals, playroom equipment and structures and so much more.

little girl during family portrait session in Portland



Their book selection is just great. You can see that there’s a real effort to be diverse and inclusive with the books they carry.


Party Supplies


I love that they sell party supplies here too. Nothing speaks to parents more than making things convenient! If you can stop by and pick up your child’s gift at Hammer and Jacks and at the same time shop for their party supplies, that’s a win, right?


If you are tired of seeing the same party supplies in all the mainstream stores, you should definitely check theirs out. The supplies are beautiful and unique.


Hammer and Jacks is not just a place to shop


You’d think that all the good stuff I already mentioned is enough reason to visit Hammer and Jacks. Well, it turns out that they give you even more reasons to do so. 


Just wait until you check out their events calendar.


They have weekly story time, music Mondays featuring a different artist every week and more. Just check their website for the full schedule.

mom and two kids during family portrait session in Portland

What else?


Hammer and Jacks offers a wish list on their website where you can add items your kids may be dreaming of so that you don’t have to keep track of it all. They also offer gift cards.


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