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Camping in Oregon for Families Who Love Picture Worthy Scenery

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It may feel a bit strange to think of camping in Oregon just as Summer winds down, but as any local Pacific Northwesterner will know- prime weekend camping spots book months in advance.


Here are 3 of my favorite spots for camping in Oregon to make your life easier:


Camping in Oregon: LL Stub Stewart State Park


Nestled in the Coast Range, LL Stub Stewart State Park is a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor lovers. This gem of a campground offers a peaceful escape from the busy city life. Here you can stop to hear the birds and smell the flowers, guilt-free.


One of my favorite spots in the park is the Hilltop Day-use Area, where the panoramic views of the surrounding hills and valleys make for a breathtaking backdrop.


I highly recommend checking out LL Stub Stewart’s camping cabins. They are super comfortable, with bunk beds and futons. The cabins have electricity and heat, so you can take advantage of the slightly higher elevation and try camping in the snow with out risking frostbite.


Camping in the Oregon Coast -Beverly Beach State Park


A short drive from the coastal town of Newport, Beverly Beach State Park is a photographer’s dream come true. This park offers a unique blend of lush woodlands and vast ocean views. All the awesomeness of nature is evident here. I just love photographing this spot.

The iconic Yaquina Head Lighthouse, standing tall against the coastline, offers a picturesque setting for family portraits, where history and nature merge seamlessly. You must take a sunset stroll along the pristine beach and let the crashing waves add a bit of drama to your evening.

During our stay at Beverly Beach State Park, the frogs sang us to sleep and the birds woke us with their songs each morning.


Silver Falls State Park


When it comes to camping in Oregon, Silver Falls State Park holds a special place in my heart. Known as the “crown jewel” of the Oregon State Parks system, this natural wonderland boasts a collection of enchanting waterfalls that weave their way through lush forests. It’s the perfect spot for photography opportunities, capturing the joy of families as they explore the beauty of the falls together.

The Trail of Ten Falls is an absolute must visit. Hikers are treated to breathtaking views of cascading water from multiple vantage points. I find myself mesmerized by the interplay of light and shadow, especially when the sun filters through the dense foliage, creating magical moments.



The Essence of Camping in Oregon


Camping in Oregon is more than just pitching tents and roasting marshmallows over the campfire (although I personally think there are few things as good as a freshly roasted marshmallow!); It’s an opportunity for families to bond amidst nature’s grandeur and create lasting memories.


So, if you’re considering camping in Oregon, don’t forget to pack your camera and be prepared to be enchanted by the awe inspiring beauty. From LL Stub Steward State Park, the captivating blend of land and sea at Beverly Beach State Park, and the mesmerizing waterfalls of Silver Falls State Park, you will have so much to see. Camping in Oregon is an experience like no other, and I guarantee it will leave you with a treasure trove of cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Don’t forget to reserve your sites with a lot of notice because it gets pretty busy over here. Camp site availability available here.


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