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Why Hire a Portland Videographer to document your family memories

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Simply put, photos are heartwarming memorabilia to remember your growing as a family, but seeing a video after years, brings everything back. The way they giggle, the first steps, the sweetest words – it is magic! You get to relive everything both in video and audio.

Besides, have you ever seen a skilled videographer in action? The task appears easy – they make it seem so simple, and the best part? It is super fun and enjoyable. True, you might have thought you could complete a video project on your own because high-resolution camera phones are easily accessible. But the reality is that producing high-quality video is not at all simple. Professionals transform what seems to be an ordinary moment into powerful works of art! That is why family videos are super special.

In addition to providing photography services, I also want to give you a hassle-free experience as your Portland videographer. In essence, candid films capture this period of change in your lives, and the entire procedure is quite easy. But before I explain more, let me dive into what a family film is and why it is important in preserving the beauty of your memories.

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What is a family film?

Pictures are fantastic windows into a past we can never return to. They are virtually the ideal inheritance since they can transport us back in time. Then again, there is film. The ability to observe your family in a movie, including how your little children move and hold your hands. The way their little mouths twist in happiness. The essential thing is that your children can see the love in your eyes, how tightly you hugged them when they wept, and how much happiness their presence provided to you. That transcends photographic beauty. We can preserve details through films that we couldn’t otherwise. It is not only a way to recall but also to experience them once again.

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3 reasons why documenting your family is important!

  1. It’s YOU making memories – document them!

You only recall certain moments, enjoyable activities you engage in on particular days, or significant moments when something life-altering occurs. You might not recall what occurred last Thursday, but you probably remember the first time your child learned to ride a bike or when your partner proposed to you.

As a Portland videographer, I guarantee that documenting these memories will result in the most heartfelt emotions when we look at the photos or videos. Just think about it – what memories come to mind when you look at an old family photo that you may already own? What details from that day, week, month, or year do you recollect that you would not have remembered?

  1. You never know when you could get the final chance to take a family portrait.

A kind friend and colleague of mine, recently wrote about a session she had with a family whose spouse had recently passed. As I browsed the online photo collection, I reflected on all the significant individuals in my life who had also passed away too soon; also her account of their love, their family, and his passing made me cry.

You can never predict everything that will occur in life. Your family dynamic might alter at any time. Therefore, it’s so important to capture the moments while you can. Have a photo and video session annually! Every chance you get, celebrate your happiness. And never take your family for granted.

  1. You’ll record changes and growth.

The ability to stop time is a superpower for photographers and videographers. Families evolve and develop so quickly. Annual photographs and films portray the changes in our life. They accurately reflect who you are right now. We tend to forget our history too frequently.

Moreover, we often overlook how adorable our children were when they were little, and before we know it, they are off to college or engaged and expecting their own children. It’s critical to record their development and the changes our families have undergone.

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In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Family Film in Portland in Oregon

Even while I adore my outside picture shoots, there is simply something extra special about in-home lifestyle newborn photography. It is a true honor to be invited into the house of a wonderful family to document their life. Having your newborn (or family!) session at home is private, genuine, and secure.

What could be more precious than seeing your loved ones in the images from your Portland lifestyle newborn session cuddling your new baby? Receiving a family movie to go along with it as well! Yes, photographs are lovely to have and look back on. You may keep a few on your coffee table or hang them on your walls. But there’s just something extra amazing about watching your newborn on camera.

The nursery, main bedroom, and living room are the preferred locations for the session to take place in your house. If the weather is cooperative, we can also shoot some shots outside (perfect for spring and summer deadlines!). You recently had a kid, so don’t worry about your house being messy! You only need to clear the areas where we will be shooting off any clutter and open the curtains to bring in as much light as you can. I will handle the rest!

In-Home Lifestyle Family Video Portland in Oregon

In life, hardly anything endures permanently. Their baby voices soon become adult voices, and they soon leave the baby waddle behind as they boldly begin to run and begin their adult lives. Seize the opportunity to relive it forever – give them the gift of priceless experiences to pass on to their future offspring!

A lifetime investment is family videos!

As your Portland videographer, I’ll walk you through the whole process in a stress-free way. I try my best to capture these intimate moments that will tug at your heart for years to come since each second is valuable.

If you want to hire a Portland videographer and photographer to create your own lifestyle newborn pictures or family film, let’s chat! Your children are growing older day by day as time passes quickly. Before it passes, let’s capture this moment in time.

Send me a message about your ideas, and let’s make one more pleasant experience. You can learn more and see more examples by viewing my page

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