How to Pick Outfits for Family Photos

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Finding out How to Pick Outfits for Family Photos does not have to be super stressful. To help you with your family photos in Portland, we can help you get your outfits together super easily.  We have some super useful tips to help you! If you are booked for a session with us we will help you the whole way. This includes sending you links to specific pieces and giving you access to our client closet.

1- Coordinate, don’t match


Here’s the biggest misconception about family photos. A while ago, somebody came up with this idea that everybody should wear the same in order to have their family photos taken. But is that really how you all walk around normally? Wouldn’t you want your family pictures to have more of a realistic feel? I know I would.

That’s why I say this, don’t match – coordinate. Sounds similar but there’s a world of difference here. For example, if one of the parents wears a mustard dress, you will get the other family members to wear colors that compliment mustard but not mustard itself. Take a look at these color mood boards I put together. Your photographer for family photos should always able to give you styling advice


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