mom and two kids posing for photos in a field of wildflowers in Oregon

The 4 most loved Portland Pediatricians

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mom and two kids posing for photos in a field of wildflowers in Oregon


Have you been looking for Portland Pediatricians? You’re in luck!

It can be so stressful finding the right provider for your family.

Too many choices and the information is all over the place. So I did the research for you and compiled a list of the professionals people rave about online.


How to choose a Portland Pediatrician?


Here are a few things to consider when choosing your pediatrician:


  • Pediatrician or family physician? Both have the same years of training but pediatricians focus solely on children. That means they have in-depth knowledge of kids’ health needs.
  • MD or DO? Both are trained to diagnose and treat disease when possible. DOs have a holistic “whole body” approach. MDs focus on a traditional approach. Both are equally qualified.
  • Opening hours- is their office open at times and days that are convenient for you?
  • After hours – what is their after hours procedure and how long will take to get in touch with someone after-hours?
  • Do they handle emergencies or do you need to go to ER?
  • Do they offer the specialist care your child may need?
  • What is their vaccination policy?


After your first visit with your doctor, reflect back on it. Was the doctor easy to talk to? Did they take the time to listen to your concerns? Did you feel comfortable asking questions?

What shared beliefs are important for you to have with your doctor? What are their views on breastfeeding and circumcision for example? Are they open to alternative and integrative medicine practices?

Seems a little daunting, but hopefully this will help you find care that you can count on for years to come.

Whether you need a quick visit or have a concern to address, I hope you can find a professional you love. Here’s a roundup of some of the best rated Portland Pediatricians.

boy looks directly at camera during family photo session in portland

The Most Loved Portland Pediatricians


Metropolitan Pediatrics


Parents gush about Metropolitan Pediatrics on Facebook. They have several locations around the Portland metro area.

This clinic has a very large variety of specialties they cover including Behavioral Therapists, Pediatric Sports medicine, Illness and Injury care, medical ear piercing, complex care management, lactation consultants, foster family support, contraceptive implants and more.

They also have an in house lab which makes things easier for all of us busy parents.

To make things even more convenient you can schedule your appointment online as well as by phone.


Pediatric Associates Of The Northwest


This is another parent’s favorite on Facebook. 

They describe themselves as a compassionate and collaborative clinic, meaning they take the time to listen and then collaborate with you on the care plan. Sounds pretty awesome to me.

Their service offer is very similar to Metropolitan Pediatrics. You can have in person or video appointments.

Canyon Medical Center


Canyon Medical Center definitely has some die-hard fans on parenting groups.

One super cool feature of this clinic is that they have their very own birthing center. If you are looking to get your journey started with a provider and staying with them that could be a great feature.

They describe their practice as Restoring Physiology, emphasizing prevention and the body’s natural ability to heal.

They offer acupuncture, IV medicine therapy, Holistic Pelvic Care as well as more traditional medical services.


Horizon Pediatrics


Horizon pediatrics has a perfect 5 star rating on google. 

Their services include health maintenance, immunizations, asthma, allergies, growth, behavior and developmental concerns, adolescent care, sports physicals, gentle newborn circumcision, and more.

They accept several health insurance plans, you can check a comprehensive list here.

Olson Pediatric Clinic


This Lake Oswego clinic receives high praise from their patients online.

One of things that caught my attention about this clinic is how flexible their hours are. They are open 364 days of the year and you can get weekend and evening appointments, which is a huge help for working parents.

They also offer same-day appointments and have in-house labs.

Their pediatricians are board certified and they also have pediatric nurses.


They seem to be very open and clear about their policies on their website, including their vaccination policy ( all patients are required to be vaccinated).

A variety of service providers are available, including mental health and circumcision services.


Now that you are all set with your pediatrician choices, let’s talk about your next family session! Start here


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