mom plays with dog while holding newborn dad looks on

Get the coolest baby clothes at Baby Wit Portland

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mom plays with dog while holding newborn dad looks on

Baby Wit is a local Portland, OR brand selling urban baby clothing. Are you looking for clothing for you little ones that is unique and fun? Do you love supporting local companies? Then let me tell you about this amazing company.

Their kids’ clothing selection is so adorable and it really feels like one of a kind. But there’s a lot more to it. 

From their use of organic cotton and non-toxic paint to their commitment to give back to the community, you will find many reasons to support this awesome company.

These pieces would make for an amazing gift to someone who just had a baby or to add to your urban baby’s wardrobe. You can even find a thing or two for yourself.


Fabric And Care


Their onesies and tshirts are made with 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton but fear not, you can stick them in the wash machine, on cold. You can even put them in the dryer on low heat. Easy!


Their designs are hand-pressed in Salem, using Phthalate Free Plastisol Ink. I just love the amount of care Baby Wit puts into making these clothes as safe as possible for the little beans.


What Sizes does Baby Wit Offer?


Baby Wit  makes onesies for newborns to 24 months as well as t shirts for older kids and adults. They have a handy sizing guide in case you’re unsure what size you should get for your little one.


What kinds of things can you find at Baby Wit?

Well, some of the designs are super cute like this family bike caravan bodysuit and others are just incredibly cool like the vintage hot dog piece.

Generally speaking , they make clothing that will help you express your personality and individuality.

You can even find clothes for your dog here!

Looking for a gift?


You’ll be spoilt for choice when looking for gifts here, but if in doubt, get them a gift card and let them choose.

Items can be shipped to anywhere in the USA, Canada and most European countries.




Although their clothing is very reasonably priced, we are not going to pass on a deal, am I right? You can find a deals page on their website with some absolute bargain items, definitely worth checking it out.


Gift Registry


To make your life even easier, Baby Wit has a gift registry option. I just love that they do that, it makes sharing items you may want with family and friends so easy.


Mom-owned business


Rosalee Rester decided to start Baby Wit when she became a mother and, like so many of us, started seeing her professional life through different lenses.

I just loved that she went through the trouble of contacting artists and asking for their permission to use their work on her clothing. She now has licensing agreements with several artists who feature on the clothing she makes.

Their work has been featured on several national media outlets.

Baby Wit is not just a fun local company to shop from, but they also have a commitment to reducing waste and giving back to their community. 

Since we are on the subject of babies and kids, I would love to chat about documenting your family! Just drop me a line here and let’s get started!


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