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Sweet in Home Newborn Photography in Oregon

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When looking for newborn photography in Oregon, you can rest assured that I will document your baby following their rhythm and flow.

No need for stiff posing and wrapping, your baby will be happily placed in your arms for most of the session, where they feel safe.


Newborn Photography in Oregon


This session was done in home. Let’s talk about why in home sessions are so great for newborns.

Your new baby has just gone through a lot! Even if your delivery was completely without complications, your baby has just gone from being safely tucked inside your belly to being outside in the big, wild world. That must be quite disorienting!

All your baby craves right now is safety and closeness to you and your loved ones. They want to be held, fed, warm and cozy.

That’s where in home newborn sessions come in.

I’m sure as you look for newborn photography in Oregon, that you will come across many different styles of photographers. My personal preference is to have the newborn session at your home. I find that babies are more settled, happy and that the sessions goes much more smoothly.

Since we are not in a studio, we don’t have to worry about leaving the studio at a certain time. I like to dedicate at least 2 hours to newborn sessions. This way babies can have a rest in between shots, have a feed, diaper change, whatever they need.


When Should I Schedule My Newborn Session For?


Posed newborn photographers will say that you must get your baby in their studio in the first few days of life. Well, not me!

Because my style is unposed and relaxed, you can schedule your newborn session for any time in their first month ( and even later if you like). I would not expect parents ( specially birthing mothers) to be ready for an event like a photoshoot in the first few days with their new baby.

You will probably be very sleep deprived, feeling extremely tired and possibly even weak.

I recommend you give yourself at least a week after the birth of your baby to schedule your session. Since the in home sessions are done mid morning, I can be a lot more flexible with my calendar, and fitting your date in shouldn’t be an issue. The majority of my other sessions take place outside around sunset, so mornings are much easier to fit in.

Besides, your baby will still look like a newborn for the first few weeks of their life, so there’s really no big rush.

This adorable baby that you see here in this post was around 3 weeks old at the time of the session. That’s the most common age for the newborns I photograph.


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