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Three ice cream shops in Portland that will blow your mind

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Have a sweet tooth? I have a list of three ice cream shops in Portland that will satisfy your taste buds!

Ice cream is one of my favorite things in the world! I love how it takes me right back to my childhood.

I still remember the first time I gave my son ice cream. You could see his eyes shinning so bright.

There’s definitely an abundance of ice cream shops in Portland. And you probably think that you already know what the best ice cream around here is. But you never know, I might be able to get you to try at least one new place that you and your kids might love.

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Ice cream facts no one asked for


Before you head to these amazing ice cream shops in Portland, how about some fun ice cream facts that your kids will love?

  1. Ice Cream Cones: Did you know that ice cream cones were actually invented by a clever kid? In 1904, at the St. Louis World’s Fair, an ice cream vendor ran out of bowls, and a young boy named Ernest Hamwi, who was selling waffles nearby, came to the rescue. He rolled up his waffles to create a makeshift cone, and voila! The ice cream cone was born.
  2. Ice Cream for Astronauts: Astronauts love ice cream too! NASA astronauts have enjoyed this frozen treat in space. However, because regular ice cream would melt and create a mess, special freeze-dried ice cream is used for space missions. It’s crunchy, dry, and delicious, making it a fun and convenient space snack.
  3. Brain Freeze Science: Ever wondered why you get a brain freeze when eating ice cream too fast? It’s because your body’s nerves get super cold and send a signal to your brain, causing that sudden, chilly sensation. But don’t worry, it only lasts for a few seconds and won’t actually freeze your brain!
  4. Ice Cream Flavors Around the World: Ice cream flavors can vary greatly from country to country. In Japan, you can find unique flavors like wasabi, green tea, and even squid ink ice cream! In India, popular flavors include mango, saffron, and cardamom. Exploring different ice cream flavors from around the world can be a tasty adventure.
  5. Largest Ice Cream Sundae: Imagine a giant ice cream sundae that’s bigger than a swimming pool! The largest ice cream sundae ever created was made in 1988 in Edmonton, Canada. It measured over 27,000 liters of ice cream, and it took hundreds of people to build it. That’s a whole lot of scoops and toppings!

Now that you are armed with incredible knowledge, you’re ready to start tasting!

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Three of the Best Ice Cream Shops in Portland


Fifty Licks


I’ll start with my absolute favorite ice cream shop in Portland. Fifty Licks has a location on the East side and one on the West side. Their flavors are nostalgic and uncomplicated.

They have an amazing selection of non-dairy options too. Our family’s favorite flavors are Sticky Rice and Mango and French Toast.

Pinolo Gelato


Ok, I know, not technically ice cream. It says on their window. The reality is, it doesn’t matter. The gelato here is absolutely incredible.

I feel confident that you could try any flavors here and be amazed by how tasty it was.



This shop is more on the old fashioned side of things, which I love. They have regular scoops as well as sundaes, banana splits and other delicious things on the menu.

Be prepared to spend some time thinking about what you will get because they have A LOT of ice cream flavors. My personal favorite is Coconut Cream Pie.


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