family of 6 walking in a field of flowers during photoshoot for posh baby portland

Why You Should Shop at Posh Baby Portland for All Your Newborn Items

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family of 6 walking in a field of flowers during photoshoot for posh baby portland

Posh Baby Portland is your all in one stop for when you are having a baby. From furniture and gear to apparel you can find everything you need at this handy store located in the Pearl.

Furnish Your Nursery With Posh Baby Portland


Don’t you wish there was a place you could go to actually look at furniture for your baby’s nursery that is not just IKEA?

Sometimes things look one way online but once you receive them, well, they can be quite disappointing.

This super well stocked store will make your life so much easier! Not only they have smaller items that you can pick up when you’re in a pinch, but they also have furniture in stock that you can take home straight away.

Their selection of cribs from Babyletto is super adorable but that’s not all, they have furniture for older kids too!


Baby Gear


As parents, we hear about so many different must-have baby gear items. It’s probably quite possible for you to be all set for the first few weeks with a handful of items.

One of the most used items in our house when our son was little was the baby carrier. I highly recommend investing in a good quality one straight away, you will get good use of it. At Posh Baby Portland you can find a great selection of baby carriers.

Another item that got a lot of use in our family was a stroller. As much as I loved carrying my baby next to my chest, sometimes you need a break! In some situations it might even be easier to have them in the carrier, when you are exercising for example. A high quality stroller will take you through your child’s toddler years and even into your next baby (if you choose to have more).

When looking for a stroller think about what is most important to you. Some of the things to consider are: is it light weight? Easy to fold? How’s the weather protection? Does it perform well in trails? Or do you need a stroller mainly for city living?

A great diaper bag will make your life so much easier. It keeps things handy and protected from the elements. The last thing you need is to be fishing for things in a regular handbag, trust me on this one. A good diaper bag will be comfortable to wear, easy to pack and clean. Posh Baby carries a great selection, I specially love the bags from Product of the North. They are sustainably made and super practical.

family of 6 during family session in field of flowers



When my son was born I absolutely loved finding independent brands that made super cool clothing for kids. What’s more fun than making your newborn baby look way cooler than we ever will?

Posh Baby Portland carries such an adorable selection of kids’ clothing. I personally love the items from Play Up, their pieces have super fun patterns and beautiful colors. They also carry Quincy Mae, one of my favorite brands for kids’ outfits for family photos.


Baby Registry at Posh Baby Portland


Not many local shops offer some of the perks that big box stores do. I love that you can set up your baby registry here and have so many great options for products and gear.

By setting your baby registry up here you are not only helping a local business but also accessing products that you might not be able to find in stores like Target for example.

All in, Posh Baby Portland is a fantastic option for all your baby needs.


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