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3 Outdoor Preschools in Portland that Will Make you Wish You Were 4 Again

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Preschool is such a magical time in a child’s life. Imagine if your little one could spend their days discovering and exploring nature. Well, did you know that there are amazing outdoor preschools in Portland?

I found some great options of outdoor schools in Portland for you and, keep reading until the end to learn more about Outdoor Schools and how great they can be for our little ones.

3 Great Outdoor Preschools in Portland


Portland Nature School


We all know how much kids love splashing in the mud, right? Can you imagine how much fun kids have at this amazing outdoor preschool in Portland?

Located in NE Portland, this nature preschool serves kids age 3 to 5.

They use an immersive outdoor program to help kids develop important skills they will need in the years to come.

Sessions run from 8:30-12:30 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Their program is fully outdoors, play and inquiry-based.




At this school, not only do your kids get to have an amazing experience exploring the great outdoors, but you  get to be super involved too.

This co-op preschool program is located in SW Portland.

Inspired by the Waldorf philosophy, they focus on imaginative play, creativity and art.

As a co-op school, parent involvement is essential,  you’d be expected to volunteer in the classroom once a month as well as 1.5-3 hs a week for their family job.


PDX Outdoor Forest Playschool


Washington Park is such a beautiful backdrop for a family hike, but can you believe your kids could actually go to preschool here? What a dream!

This is a fully outdoors program for Kids ages 3-5. The school hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 1 pm.

Children get to explore the outdoors and interact with friends using the forest as their background.

girl smelling flowers at outdoor garden

Looking for an Outdoor Preschool in Portland? Here’s What You Should Know


You might be interested in outdoor preschools in Portland, but might be wondering what that actually means?

Often located in parks, forests, or gardens, outdoor preschools are sometimes referred to as nature-based preschools or forest preschools.

Through exploration and play in nature, the curriculum emphasizes hands-on, experiential learning. Preschoolers may enjoy hiking, gardening, building forts, observing wildlife, and studying ecology and sustainability in outdoor preschools.

Unlike traditional preschools, outdoor preschools emphasize outdoor play and exploration, even in bad weather.

Outdoor preschool teachers often have backgrounds in environmental education or outdoor recreation, and they use the natural environment to teach kids about the world.

Outdoor preschools have gained popularity in recent years as parents and educators recognize the benefits of spending time in nature for children’s physical, emotional, and cognitive development.

Research has shown that outdoor play can improve children’s attention, creativity, problem-solving skills, and overall well-being.

Doesn’t that make you excited to get your kid into preschool? I would have loved this as a kid.


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