4 Ideas for Family Pictures at Home

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Family Pictures at Home

Our kids will grow, and fast. There’s no running from it. They say the days are long and the years are short, and they are so right. Day to day we feel the weight of everything that needs to get done, we feel tired, exhausted really. I’m sure that when we look back, we will miss it all. The mess on the dining table, all the Lego pieces on the floor, the constant calls for mom and dad.

If you are anything like me, you might constantly ask yourself. How can I keep a little bit of this time with me? How can I make sure I remember how small their little hands were, how sweet their voice is, how much love we show for each other? I don’t have all the answers, but what I know is that, since my son was born, every time I really wanted to remember something, I would reach for a camera. Making memories is a priority because photos and videos of my son are some of my most treasured possessions.

Family Pictures at Home

When we talk about the importance of family photography, we are really talking about making memories with your family. Family pictures at home are super important. Creating an archive, full of love and beautiful moments you share with each other. So, make a point to have your family pictures taken every year. Whatever your budget, whatever your style, there is always the right photographer for you out there.

In the meantime, here’s a list of 4 ideas for photos you can do at home and keep the memories coming all year:

1 – Bath Time

Family Pictures at Home

Some of my most precious memories of my son when he was younger come from bath time. He has always absolutely adored water and still does to this date. If you have young kids at home, bath time can be such an adorable little time to make some beautiful memories with your kids. Some people have beautiful light in their bathroom and I’m super jealous of it. If you do, make sure you take advantage of it! Water can bring such a wonderful effect to pictures. Have fun with it!

2- Iconic Childhood Moments make for great family pictures at home


Family Pictures at Home

My best childhood memories come from doing the simplest of things. What I would give for a photo of myself doing some of those things I loved doing so much. I would love to see the look on that little girl’s face when she ran barefoot on the street to play with her friends or when she climbed a tree. All the joy of childhood in an image.

What’s one thing your kids do that makes you feel like they are living their childhood fully? I love watching my son do all the old fashioned things I loved doing when I was a kid, like blowing bubbles, writing with chalk, riding a bike and climbing trees. These moments are so worth documenting, you will want to remember them one day. And so will them.

3- Set the scene


Are you a creative person who loves to make things and gets excited by a trip to JoAnn’s? I feel you. Creativity is a fire that burns deep in your soul and some people just can’t live without some kind of creative expression. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that it’s a waste of time or resources. I’ve been doing creative things since I was very young even though I never thought I would ever be able to be considered an artist, yet, here am I.

How about using all that creative energy to create amazing photos inside your own home? I love getting myself and my son dressed up to take pictures in the house, you can do the same or you can even have your kids dress up as characters, build a set out of cardboard or a scene with sheets. They will love it!

And if you feel like investing in your skills, here are some great places to start

Click Photo School

Unraveled Academy

Creative Live

4- Mamas In the Frame


What’s one thing that is always missing from the pictures you take off your kids? You! I bet you have thousands of pictures of your family on your phone and I can almost guarantee that 99.9% of them at least don’t have you in it. That’s why I am so passionate about being a family photographer. I love capturing moments between moms and their kids because I know how it is like to want to hold on to those precious moments so badly, to want to keep those memories of our littles no matter how big they are. And I want you to be in the frame because your kids will want to remember that too. I absolutely recommend you get family pictures taken every year by a professional photographer but for all those other moments in between you can document those moments yourself.

Self Portraiture is a practice that I adhere to frequently. I will find a quiet spot in the house and make sure I have at least 15 minutes for myself. I use a tripod (although a phone propped on a piece of furniture would work just fine) and I take pictures of myself. I find that this practice helps me remind that I am my own person and that I am worthy of documenting too. Give it a try and let me know what you think! If my son is in the mood, I will get him in the frame with me too.

Another great advantage of taking photos of yourself with your kids at home, is being able to practice family picture poses. In my style of photography I don’t do traditional posing, but it can be helpful for you to know what angles and ways of sitting or standing feel more natural to you so that you can feel more relaxed on your photoshoot day.

Looking for ideas on what to do with your pictures after you take them? Check out this blog post with some ideas


Taking pictures of your family is important but taking pictures WITH your family is even more important. One day, all our kids will have of us is our photos, so let’s make sure we give them a lot of memories to remember us by. Put your family pictures on the wall, make a family picture book, share with friends and family. Celebrate your family in every possible way. You deserve it!

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