3 Ideas for How to Organize Family Photos

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So you have a million pictures on  your phone. Plus the 50 or so you got from me from our family session. Ah and also the school pictures. And they’ve been all sitting there, waiting for some attention. Am I right? What you need are ideas on how to organize family photos.

Well, I got tired of doing nothing with my millions of pictures and I created some rituals that help me stay organized. Let me share it with you.

As soon as you get your family pictures from your photographer

Print them, make albums, make large posters to put around the house. Having family pictures taken is an investment of your money and time. You are going to be so excited as soon as you receive those pictures back from me, use that excitement to take action. You can order prints and albums straight from the gallery I send you or you can do it on your own but that’s a little bit more hard work. Either way, do it as soon as you can.

When I get family pictures back from my photographer, I print one album for us, one for grandparents, one big poster and three smaller photos every time we have pictures taken. That way I get to appreciate my pictures every day and make the grandparents happy too.

Install an Photo Organization App on your Phone

When I discovered google photos my life changed. I used to always have to delete photos that I love from my phone because it was “running out of space”. How incredibly annoying. Then I installed the google photos app and wow. It saves pictures I take automatically to my google photos which I can access from my phone or computer. It allows me to create albums. I can immediately share the photos with people in my family who might want to save and print them. You can also order prints and books straight from it which just makes the whole thing so much easier.

Use Social Media in Your Favor

It’s not a secret that most of us love to hate social media. The comparison, the pressure, all the keeping up. It’s exhausting. Here’s a little secret that not many people know. I have two Instagram accounts. One is for my business. I curate the pictures and content I post in there because it’s for, you know, work. But, for the most part of the last 10 years I’ve been using my personal account that is private and only has like 40 followers. Only closest friends and family.

What I do with that account is, I use it as a diary. I post pictures that mean the world to me, even if they are not “Instagram worthy”. I pour my heart and soul into the captions whenever I feel like it. I do it all 100% for me. One day I want to look back at all that and remember those moments. It really is very helpful and it often drives me to tears.

You could also sign up for a system like Origrami. You can connect your Instagram account and print directly from there, plus they offer free shipping worldwide! Win Win.

Ok, now that you know exactly what you will be doing with your next beautiful collection of pictures, let’s get it booked! Click here to get started

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