mom, dad and their two kids playing at a park in portland

Lego-Loving Kids Have a Blast at Bricks and Mini Figs

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mom, dad and their two kids playing at a park in portland


Do your kids love LEGO? I bet they do! Bricks and Mini Figs will be a blast for them!

They are a place to buy, trade and sell anything LEGO.

Here you can find a huge selection of LEGO products, including sets that have been retired and may be hard to find.

You can order online, by phone, for store pick up, nationwide delivery or just pop in and spend some time looking at all the great stuff they have to offer.


Can I sell LEGO to Bricks and Minifigs Portland?


Yes, you can! If your kids are anything like mine, they will have way too many LEGO laying around. Once they are done with a particular set, you can bring them over to Bricks and Minifigs Portland.


The best way to get them to take a look at your sets is to drop in at their store on 3040 NE Sandy Boulevard, Portland, OR 97232. Weekday mornings are ideal.


You can sell full sets or loose bricks. They will pay you a percentage of the market value, which is not as much as if you sold the items on your own directly to a consumer. Bear in mind that selling to Bricks and Minifigs Portland is a much easier and less time consuming method to sell your LEGO.


Brand new, unopened sets are only accepted if they have been retired from the shops. They do this to prevent theft in other stores, pretty cool, right?

dad and his two kids having fun together at a park in Portland

Birthday Parties at Bricks and Mini Figs


Bricks and Minifigs Portland offers birthday parties at their space too. 


The 90 minute birthday party package includes:


  • Up to 10 kids
  • Dedicated host to entertain your guests
  • LEGO building and other LEGO themed activities
  • Birthday Child gets to pick a used LEGO set 
  • Other add-ons available on request


Parties can be booked on Saturday or Sundays. Participants must be 5 years or older.

close up shot of family of four posing for a picture in portland

Why is LEGO so great?


LEGO is such a popular toy with kids, it’s unbelievable. Of course I can see the appeal to kids, you get to build anything you ever dreamt of. Let your imagination loose. Plus there’s the very satisfying feeling of completing a set and seeing it come to life.

It doesn’t hurt that they seem to partner with all the most popular kids’ franchises to make kids even more excited about LEGO.


Did you ever stop to think about whether LEGO is actually good for your kids’ brains? I think as parents we all have a sneaky suspicion it is, but after doing some research I was still surprised at HOW good they are.


Recent studies* have shown that, when playing with toys like LEGO, kids are actually improving their ability to solve math problems.

In the past, it has been observed that playing with toys (like LEGO) that encourage kids to remember shapes and manipulating them in their imagination is linked to having an inclination for science, math and technology.


Other super  great benefits of playing with toys such as LEGO:


  • Developing their fine motor skills
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Planning skills
  • Overcoming failure
  • Problem solving
  • Lateral thinking ( finding creative ways to solve problems)
  • Spatial awareness
  • Following instructions 
  • Creativity


Another fantastic benefit of this kind of play is that it encourages focus and concentration.
Playing with bricks is a relaxing activity and at the same time it exercises many parts of your brain.


What about adults? Can they play with LEGO?


Absolutely! The benefits of playing with LEGO can go far beyond childhood.

Mindfulness and relaxation are some of the most obvious benefits grown-ups will feel from playing with building bricks.

People also report an increase in self esteem – coming from the sense of accomplishment after completing a set and an increase in dopamine levels ( you know, that chemical that creates the feeling of pleasure).

So, families who build together will grow smarter, stronger and more relaxed together.



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*Researchers at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute




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