Guide to your Newborn Photography Session in Oregon

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Your newborn is finally here! So exciting and exhausting, right? And now you are probably starting to think about Newborn Photography in Portland. So here are some tips to take the overwhelm out of it for you.



Your  newborn session will be super relaxed. We have no real expectations for our sessions with kids. Kids are always unpredictable and that is totally fine . If baby is in a good mood and sleepy, it will be easy breezy, if not, we will give baby the time they need to rest and be comfortable. Either way you will get some beautiful memories to cherish for many years to come.

Baby will spend most of their time in your or your partner’s arms ( or your kids’ if they are old enough to hold their new sibling). We want baby to feel safe and warm with the people they love the most.

The most important thing is for the whole family to feel relaxed and comfortable so they can shower baby with love. Those beautiful love filled memories are going to be cherished by you and your child for the rest of your lives.







If your baby is super young, they will do better if they are super sleepy. To help with that you can keep baby awake for a couple of hours before the session. That might sound like a really long time right now, but it will help them feel sleepy. You can give them a calming and warm sponge bath just before the time we meet to help them relax even more. Next thing is to feed them just before we start the photos, that should do the trick.

Things like white noise or soothing music also help. If we are at your home, I recommend keeping the house nice and warm.



Baby’s best outfit is really their birthday suit. You can keep them in a diaper and then we can wrap baby in a variety of color blankets. Muslin blankets in a variety of earthy tones work really well. Check these out

We will discuss everybody else’s outfit during the booking process, that’s one of the most super fun parts! If you have any special pieces you want to include in the shoot, of course we can do that! Just let us know so that I know to leave time to document those too!

You can learn more about choosing outfits for family photos here





If we are doing the pictures at your home, the most important things are that we have access to a couple of rooms with good lighting. That means a room when the light is bright enough without having to turn any artificial lights on.

You don’t have to worry about scrubbing every corner of your home. Focus your attention on the rooms we will be using and simply stash away any items you don’t showing on the pictures. That’s it, really.

The home is a really wonderful place to have your newborn photos done. Baby will be comfortable and warm and we can take as many breaks as we need. We will have up to 2 hours for the session. You will have all your most special items there and you won’t need to be rushing everybody out the door on time.

Having said that, outdoor newborn photos can be truly magical too, specially during the warmer months. There are so many magical locations around Portland. We can definitely chat and decide on the location together.


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