Covid-19 : Omicron and Your Photo Session Safety

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I was kind of hoping that by February 2022 we wouldn’t be talking about COVID anymore. How wrong was I? Your Photo Session safety is my priority and will do anything in my power to keep your and my family family safe

We are all very, very tired of this pandemic and, quiet honestly so ready to move on with our lives. Am I right? Unfortunately yet another challenge in the shape of Omicron has arrived. So let me tell you my safety plan:




 I am fully vaccinated (and boosted) and so are my family members who live with me.

Although I am aware that being vaccinated doesn’t guarantee I won’t get infected, studies show it will reduce the likelihood of me becoming seriously ill. Hopefully ensuring ICU beds are available for those who need it.

Since, I work with newborns, babies and small children who are too young to be vaccinated. So doing everything I can to keep them safe is my top priority.



All I can do is follow guidelines and listen to experts and scientists since that is not my area of expertise.

By following the recommendations of social distancing, wearing masks and getting vaccinated I believe I am doing my part in bringing a safe environment to my clients. Specially the ones who are more vulnerable like newborns and pregnant individuals.

My style is very natural and relaxed.  I am able to give you directions from a safe distance without having to touch your newborn since I don’t do that kind of posing with props, etc.



Currently I wear  masks for all indoor AND outdoor sessions, just to ensure maximum safety.

Since I do sometimes have to get a little close to catch some details ( although I keep it brief and will of course not do so if you prefer), wearing a mask allows me to do so safely. I am currently wearing N95 masks to all my sessions. Please show your children a picture of me smiling so they don’t think I don’t have teeth.




Yes, kids love touching everything and I am here for it. Please don’t get them into trouble for it. If ever offer your child a toy to play with during my sessions, know that it would have been brand new or thoroughly disinfected.

All my client closet items are cleaned after each use as well as the blankets I offer you to sit on.

Hand sanitizer is always at hand, so if you need some, just let me know.

And, of course, if I am in contact with anyone who tested positive or if I or anyone in my family have symptoms or test positive, I will be rescheduling sessions for the CDC recommended time or until I feel comfortable being around others (whichever is longest).

I ask that you let me know as soon as possible if you have a session with me in the next 14 days after you or a family member who lives with you receive a positive result and we will find you a new date.


Although things may feel scary and complicated, I hope that taking these simple steps will help you feeling comfortable in having a session with me during these crazy times.


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