Why You Should Book a Couple’s Photoshoot This Year | Couples Photography in Portland

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couple during couples photography in Portland

So many reason to search for couples photography in Portland.

I know the feeling. At the beginning there were the two of you….you did a lot of things together, slept in, went out on dates whenever you felt like it.

Then came the kid(s) and the dishes, laundry and toys started piling up. You haven’t slept in years and can’t remember when you last washed your hair.

It happens to all of us, my friend.

couple during couples photography in Portland

So, here is my proposal for you this year – Book a Couple’s Session  for your anniversary! There are so many beautiful locations I want to show you in Portland, the Oregon Coast or The Columbia River Gorge. Somewhere romantic and full of beauty.

Then you just need to get someone to watch the kids and we will go on an adventure. Why? Let me tell you:

couple during couples photography in Portland

Couples Photography in Portland can be easy!

Yes, you heard me!

I will make the process easy and relaxed for both of you.

You will listen to music, have a laugh, walk around the city or just snuggle up in your bedroom. I love making couples’ sessions super personal, full of little details that make it special for the both of you.

You will get help from me the whole way. We will plan the location, wardrobe and everything else, together.


Making memories with your partner is super important too

Our lives are just so busy. When was the last time you had time to properly enjoy your partner’s company? Maybe you go on regular dates, and that’s great. But even dates can get stressful sometimes. You have to pick where to go, where to park, what to eat and everything else. 


couple during couples photography in Portland

As much as I always try to make sure parents get some time during my family sessions to get pictures together, they are just a small part of the session. Usually a little rushed because we have to keep an eye on the kids while we do it and the kids also usually decide that they want to crash the party.

When you book a couple’s session we will have a whole hour to focus on the two of you. Your love, laugh and just being with each other. And, even more importantly, after you receive your photos, you will be able to relieve those moments over and over again.

To make things even easier, I will be there to help you plan all of it. Outfits ( you can check my post for choosing outfits here), location, music. I got you covered! You can borrow items from my client closet, I will show you my favorite locations  to choose from and you can share artists and songs that are special to you both so that I can create a playlist for the session day.

Your Kids will have beautiful memories of their parents together


One day your kids will be able to look back and see that not only you loved each other before you had them, but you continued to love each other through the hard times. A lot of times all pictures kids have of their parents together is from their wedding day. Then nothing else. 

Photographic memories are one of the most valuable gifts we can leave for our kids, you can read more about it in this post. They will  not be able to remember all of it. Having pictures to look at is an amazing treasure they will cherish forever. 

Quality time together will leave you both recharged 


Spending quality time together is definitely the best way to refresh any relationship. During our session you will both be totally focused on each other. My clients say that they feel our session together felt  more like the most fun date they ever had.

No phones in sight, no kids to worry about. Just the two of you creating beautiful memories and me, documenting them for you.


I make every effort to make you both feel relaxed and connected. 

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