mom dad and newborn baby during newborn session in portland oregon

Dreamy Lifestyle Newborn Photos

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mom dad and newborn baby during newborn session in portland oregon

Lifestyle Newborn Photos are my absolute favorite part of my job.

Imagine this, you just had your baby. All the emotions, hormones and tiredness you are experiencing all at once. Then the thought of newborn photos come to you. Maybe you have booked it already or  are now planning to.

Would you be excited about having to bundle your baby ( and possibly your other kids if you have more), pack everything and have to be at a studio for a specific appointment time? Or maybe you wonder if there’s a different way of doing things?

I am here to tell you that there absolutely is!

Lifestyle Newborn sessions are just what you need during this busy and overwhelming time in your life.

What are Lifestyle Newborn Photos?


Lifestyle newborn photos are photos that are taken of you and your family in a very relaxed and natural way. The main focus is on your family as they are, without expectations of stiff posing and smiles.

In my lifestyle newborn sessions I give your family a lot of space and time to just be. Interact with each other, laugh, hug, show love.

You get a lot of direction so that you don’t feel lost and not knowing what to do next. The directions will be prompts to encourage you to interact with your family in the most authentic and  natural way.

Where does the Session Take Place?


I highly recommend having these sessions at home.

The main advantage is that your kids will be in a natural and familiar environment which always helps them be their true selves ( and that’s where the magic really happens).

When it comes to newborn sessions, the best thing it can happen is for your baby to feel comfortable and safe. And home is the best place for that to  happen.

You won’t have to be rushing out the door to  get somewhere on time with a newborn under your arm. There’s no need to worry about forgetting anything. You will have everything you need right there.

Worried that your home is not “photo worthy” or not clean enough? Simply put, never worry about that! My main advice to my in-home clients is to focus on the two rooms in the house that have the best light around 10 in the morning. Give it a quick tidy up, hide any items you don’t want to be in the pictures out of sight and we are all set! Simple like that.

What To Wear for Your Lifestyle Newborn Photos


When it comes to what to wear for your newborn photos you will be getting as much help from me as you want.

I will send you a style board with color, style and pattern inspiration. This board from Style and Select also serves as your personal shopping assistant. You can actually click on the pieces and go directly to the online store where you can purchase them if you want.

We will also discuss styling during your initial phone consultation and I am always available via email to help with any questions you have.

Generally speaking, I recommend that you keep the colors on the neutral and earthy tones. Lighter colors work better for indoors since I am a natural light photographer and we work only with the sun light available at the time.

It’s totally up to you if you want to keep things casual with jeans and a cardigan ( knits are great for adding texture) or if you would like a flowy dress with movement.

You can have fun looking through my client closet pieces. On the day of the shoot I can bring a selection of dresses for you to try on and decide what to wear.

When Should I Book My Newborn Session?


I recommend getting on my calendar as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Having said that, I understand that you might not be able to predict exactly when your baby will be here.

When it comes to booking newborn sessions, I only take a certain number per month to ensure I will be available for you when the time comes. So we can pencil in a date and then adjust it once your baby arrives.

I recommend scheduling your session for around 2 or 3 weeks after birth. That normally gives the whole family some time to settle in, mama can rest a little after the birth and the fog will start to slowly lift. At that age, babies are still pretty squishy and sleepy which makes for a more comfortable experience for them during the session.

Of course you can always do the session at a later date if you are more comfortable with that. I support whatever decision you make.


Now that you learnt about Lifestyle Newborn Photos let’s chat about booking your session! Go to my Portland Newborn Photographers website to learn more


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