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Go To The Bull and The Bee for Your Essential Baby Items

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The Bull and the Bee is an adorable kids’ boutique in SE Portland. They have so many unique items for you to choose from.

Whether you are looking for a last minute birthday gift or to revamp your kids’ wardrobe, The Bull and the Bee has something for you.

What can you find at The Bull and the Bee?


This store has an amazing inventory. Starting with kids clothing, swimwear, footwear and accessories. Their selection is fantastic. I love that they have gender neutral clothing too.


Looking for toys and books? They have a huge variety. From wooden and educational toys to the cutest stuffed animals, your kids will definitely find something they love here.


Apart from all the regular things you would expect a kids’ boutique to have, The Bull and the Bee also carries a unique collection of nursery items.


Baby gear is also available at this local Portland business. Diaper bags and stroller or car seat accessories are some of the items you can find here.


If you have been looking for items from a specific brand, they have a handy brand directory for you to search from.

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The Gift Registry and Gift Cards


Another cool feature of their website is that you can create a gift registry. It’s so awesome when small businesses offer this. It just makes it much easier for us to support a locally owned business instead of going to a big box store.


You can also purchase gift certificates straight from their website, which is a feature I personally love. Anything that saves family time has a gold star in my books.


What are the most essential things you should buy for your new baby?


A lot of parents ask this question and with reason! 

There are so many options and we get bombarded with information about things that we “must” have before our baby is born.

The truth is, you don’t need a whole lot at first. Your baby will most likely want to spend all of their time on your arms. They won’t even sleep in a proper crib for at least a few weeks after birth. So, what are the essentials that you need before your newborn arrives?


  • Diapers and wipes: pretty obvious, of course. What not many people don’t tell you is that there’s no real way of knowing what size diapers your newborn will need. What I recommend is buy a couple of packs of the first 3 sizes and once you can try them on your baby you can go out and buy ( A LOT) more of the right size.
  • Diaper bag: this is the one thing I really recommend splurging on. You will be carrying that bag with you everywhere for many years to come. Get a bag that you love the look of and that is functional. Personally, I love Azaria diaper bags.
  • Baby Carrier: if I could turn back time like Cher I would buy the best baby carrier my money could afford and would hold on on the stroller for a bit. Babies love being close to their parents, so a baby carrier does that job perfectly.
  • Stroller: yes, a stroller does have its place. When you are out and about and you need a break from carrying your baby around it is always nice to have a stroller to set them in. I would say that a stroller became a lot more useful once my baby was sitting up on his own. They want to be able to see the world so they are much happier to sit on the stroller then.
  • Simple clothing: of course we all want all of the cute and adorable clothing for our babies. The reality is, those clothes will be getting pooped on, a lot! So they will be washed a million times. For at least the first 6 months I recommend simple, soft clothing that will feel comforting to your child. Like these bamboo take me home set.
  • Bottles: you might be planning to bottle feed or complement breastfeeding with bottle feeding, so make sure you do your research on what bottles you might want to use (even though your baby will be the final judge).
  • Burp cloths and swaddle blankets: babies throw up, a lot! So burp cloths are actually a very helpful item. A lot of babies love to be swaddled ( not mine, of course) so have a couple of swaddling blankets at hand for when your baby comes home.


Of course this is not an exhaustive list, but I do wish I had minimized and simplified my shopping list quite a bit before my baby arrived. You will definitely add things as the days pass, but you probably don’t need a whole lot of things before your baby comes home.

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