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Making the Most of Your Oregon Coast Photo Session

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oregon coast photographer

In this post you will get some tips on how to make the most of your Oregon Coast Photo Session.

The Oregon Coast is an absolute magical place. People come from all over looking to enjoy the fantastic scenery and unreliable weather (just kidding about enjoying the second one). Even on a foggy and cold day, no one can deny it is one of the most beautiful geographical areas in the world.

Always Sweater Weather at the Oregon Coast

At the Oregon Coast you will most likely always need layers of clothing. Even on a summer night like the one when these photos were taken, the breeze can easily turn into chilliness. Adding layers is always a good idea. Blankets, sweaters, leggings, textured cardigans will all make for a much cozier and more stylish look.

On a particularly sunny day, hats are a great addition as well as cooler underlayers like cotton dresses, skirts, shorts and mid dresses.

For the feet, the barefoot look  always goes perfectly with a beach location. If you or the kids prefer to keep the feet warm, rain boots are always a good pick. Check out these adorable options:






Make an Adventure of your Oregon Coast Photo Session

It might sound like a bit of a stretch to drive all the way to the Coast if you are not already staying there ( even though it’s totally worth it!). So why not make an adventure of it? Find yourself a cozy hotel or rental home and come stay for the weekend!

Even if there’s no “beach weather” the Oregon Coast is enjoyable in any season. The beaches are just as gorgeous on an overcast, foggy day as they are when the sun is out. You will most likely encounter an amazing variety of wildlife and delicious places to eat. Your kids will love playing in the sand, getting their feet wet and finding little sea creatures everywhere. It will be a memorable experience made even more special by the fact you remembered to book a photographer.

Here are some favorite things to do in the Oregon Coast:

Tillamook Creamery

Tour the facilities, sample some delicious cheese and, of course, grab scrumptious ice cream on the way out

de Garde Brewing

Kids and pets are allowed on the patio now, woohoo!

Cape Meares Lighthouse

Quaint lighthouse, plus the state park has a tree that looks like an Octopus, the kids will love it.


Beautiful beach…with a TUNNEL  that connects to another beach. No brainer

Depoe Bay

Lots of whale watching…need I say more?


Don’t be Afraid to Relax

The thing about beach family photos is, there will be sand and there will be water – lots of it! Your kids will most likely want to get dirty and wet straight away. That’s what kids love about the beach after all.

One of the best pieces of advice for parents is, just relax. My style of photography is super relaxed and focused on making an authentic portrait of what your family life looks like right now. If the kids get sandy and wet, no biggy! It will be all the more genuine if that’s what they love to do.

Get in the fun with them. Splash, build sand castles. Be fully present in that moment and that will turn into a memory. Luckily for you, the your photographer will be right there to document it for you.


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