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Why you need Family Portraits with your Newborn

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Wondering if you should get family portraits with your newborn? The short answer is yes!

Being a newborn photographer  is an absolute honor and joy. But you might be asking yourself. Should I plan to have someone come in and take photos of my baby? Or can I just do it by myself?

Here are some of the reasons why having Newborn photos done by a professional photographer matter.

You are in the frame

The first and absolutely most important reason why you should book a newborn photographer is so that you can be in the pictures. You can absolutely take pictures of your baby with your phone or a camera you have at home. And we know you will! But having the time set aside for having your pictures taken will allow you the opportunity to be fully immersed in that moment. The result will be pictures that you and your child will be able to look back at. All the beautiful moments between the two of you that you wouldn’t be capture if you were doing it yourself.

The importance of having family portraits with your newborn might not always be easy to notice, but this is a time you cannot get back. One day your child will be able to look at them and see how they were loved. That is something you cannot replace.

Planning Makes it Happen

Once you become a parent you will realize that the days sometimes all melt together and you can’t even remember what you ate for breakfast. Things do get better, do not worry. But those early days with a little baby at home, can be hard to keep track of. That’s why you need baby photos.

Thinking about your family photos with your newborn ahead of time will also make things like planning what to wear a lot easier. You can start by dreaming up so adorable things for baby at one of your favorite local businesses like Black Wagon.

By planning to have a photographer come and take photos of you and your newborn baby, you can ensure it actually happens. Because as much as we might have good intentions, it can be months before you get into a routine and find the energy and time to do anything extra. Plan your newborn session as soon as possible and you won’t regret it.

Family Photos with your newborn are not as complicated as you think

A lot of people have the impression that have pictures taken with your family is going to be a hard, almost impossible to achieve feat. Perhaps it’s because photo sessions used to always be so stiff and formal. Kids had to sit still, everything had to be perfect.

Times have changed and there’s a whole lot of us out here making the whole experience super easy for parents and kids. My sessions are fun and relaxed. Kids get to play, run around, tell fart jokes. Parents get help with selecting wardrobe and location. Even if the pictures are being done at your house, we only need one or two rooms with a good window, so you don’t have to go around making the whole house look spotless. All the preparation you need is in this super shot post I wrote, you can see it for yourself how simple it is here.

Find yourself a photographer who will make your life easy by helping you the whole way, like I do. And you will see that family pictures can be one of the most fun events of the year.

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