Things to do in Mt Hood with Kids in Winter

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mother, father and toddler playing in the snow in Mt Hood

Looking for things to do in Mt Hood? The PNW is a wonderland playground. We have mountains, a beautiful coast, amazing forests and waterfalls. If you and your family love the outdoors, you will love it here. 


One of the most iconic areas in Oregon, Mt Hood has so much to offer to families with kids of all ages. So, here’s my top 5 best things to do in Mt Hood with Kids.


1 – Snow Tubing


To get your trip started in the best vibe, take your kids snow tubing. This is a super fun activity for all ages ( must be 3 years or older to ride). Out of all the things do in Mt Hood, your kids will probably enjoy this one the best.

You will take the lift up and then slide down in one of the provided tubes ( you have to use the ones provided, your own sleds and tubes are not allowed).


Things to know: be prepared for winter driving conditions. In this part of Oregon, you are required to carry and use chains when the warning lights flash.


Purchase your ticket in advance here


Layer up! Waterproof shoes and gloves are a must to keep everybody dry and warm.


After the fun, stop for food and refreshments at Glacier Public House.


Want to make this even more fun? Try Cosmic Tubing. This is when they add over 600.000 LED lights, laser lights, black lights, colored lights and music to the ride (available after sundown).


2- Skiing


Skiing is obviously the main reason why families visit Mt Hood. The breathtaking views and the variety in skill levels their slopes cover, makes it an easy choice.


Whether your kids are just starting out or have been skiing for a while, there’s an activity for them.


For kids who want to get started or improve their skills, Mt Hood Meadows offers classes for ages 4-14.


You can choose between full day or half day lessons.


You can, of course, rent all the gear up there or bring your own.


Older kids who prefer not to be with the young ones, can join the adult lessons starting at 13.


You can find more information on the Mt Hood Meadows Website

Advance booking is highly recommended.


Pro- tip: Mt Hood Meadows has dynamic pricing, meaning prices are higher when demand is higher. If you are around doing the week, you will get a much better deal.

3- Hot Chocolate at Timberline Lodge


I’m sure that you have a ton of reasons to visit Timberline Lodge already. The place is the absolute epitome of cozy, it has beautiful views and, let’s not forget, it was where part of the epic movie The Shining was filmed.


The kids might not be all too excited about that last one, but you know what they will get excited about? Hot Chocolate! It’s my favorite thing to in Mt Hood. After you’ve been freezing outside for a little while, head inside to one of their cafes. You will be able to order a hot chocolate and sit by a fire admiring the snow outside. Absolutely dreamy.

4- Snowshoeing to Trillium lake


If your family is not big on skiing (like mine), there’s still a ton of fun to be had at Mt Hood. 

One thing my family really enjoyed was going to Trillium Lake for snow fun ( in winter you can’t go all the way to the lake so you will need to park by the main road).


As soon as you start descending towards the lake, you will find a lot of snow. We brought our own sleds and found some very mild hills to go down. 


You can also do a super fun thing, you can snowshoe your way around the lake. The trail is considered to be an easy one and you can enjoy the majestic views of the lake and Mt Hood from there.


If you don’t own snowshoes, you can rent them from REI, easy-peasy.


5- North American Bigfoot Center


This one is not exactly in Mt Hood but I reckon your kids will think it’s worth the short trip. Located in Boring, OR ( for real, that’s the town’s name) it is America’s largest collection of bigfoot evidence.


The museum is located in Clackamas county, which has the biggest number of reported Bigfoot sightings in Oregon


Whether you believe in Bigfoot or not, at only $8 a piece and 5 year olds and under are free, it’s definitely worth it for the fun factor.

On your way there, I highly recommend stopping at Thai Home Restaurant in Sandy for some of the best Thai food I’ve ever had.


Good to know…


If you are not a big fan of driving in inclement weather, you are in luck! You can take advantage of the Mt Hood express. The service runs between Sandy and several areas of interest in Mt Hood for only $2 each way or $5 for an all day ticket, absolute bargain!

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