Why You Should Book an In Home Photo Session This Winter

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We live in the PNW. It is no news to you that from December to April we are going to see a whole lot of wet and cold outside. Have you ever considered having an in home photo session?

That doesn’t mean that we will not go outside for half the year, of course. There are so many amazing things that we can do in this beautiful place we live in during any season, even the very wet ones.

Portland, OR is this magical place full of amazing woods, forests, rivers, state parks. I always encourage everybody to get out there and explore.

Having said that, maybe standing in the cold weather for your family photos wasn’t exactly what you had in mind. Maybe you’re afraid your kids will be cold and grumpy and that the rain might cause a few reschedules. These are all very possible!

So I’m here to give you a few reasons why you might want to have your family pictures taken indoors this winter.




1- You Won’t Have to Worry About the Weather


The absolutely best reason to have photos done in home or in studio is not having to worry about the weather.

Even if the weather is rainy and overcast outside, we will find light in your home by staying close to windows. Your kids won’t be super cold and grumpy because they will be in the comfort of their home. If you have a newborn, even more reason!

You might want some very sweet shots of their feet and hands, and that will most likely not be possible outside if it’s freezing.

If you don’t feel like the space in your home is inspiring to have photos taken in, we can always find a cozy alternative like this lovely studio  in the photo below.



2- You Can Wear Whatever You Want 


I had my family pictures last year quite late in the season. Although it wasn’t raining, we all had to wear coats which kind of cramped my style if you know what I mean. I had plans to wear a certain outfit but I had to change it because I would be freezing if I did.

What I’m saying is, if you have your pictures done at home, you can choose to wear whatever you like because you can control the temperature. And if you are looking for inspiration on what to wear, you can check out this blog post I wrote

How to Pick Outfits for Family Photos | Family Photos Portland

If you want some more intimate and raw photos of your family, showing skin or breastfeeding, this is the perfect environment for it. Also baby bums….who doesn’t want a picture of that?



3- If the Kids Are Happy We Will Get Good Pictures


Here’s what I always say, if the kids are happy, we will have nothing to worry about. That’s why my sessions are totally child led. I follow their cues to find out what is working and what we should do next.

One thing cannot be denied, kids feel comfortable in their own home. They will have their own things with them and their own little nooks where they like to be. There’s a very good chance that your kids will be in a good mood at home. If they need a snack, a stuffy, a change of clothes or the restroom, you have it all there.



4- It Doesn’t Matter What Your House Looks Like


I know what you may be thinking. But my house is messy! What if I don’t have time to clean? There’s a stain on my couch!

I get it! I’m a mom, with a pet and not a lot of time in my hands. It does not matter. Of course I encourage you to give the house a quick tidy up before the shoot, so that you don’t have items on display that you wouldn’t want on the pictures.

Focus on the areas adjacent to the windows with good light, that’s where we are going to be. If your kitchen doesn’t have a good source of natural light, we won’t be anywhere near there, so don’t even touch it!

When I arrive, I will help you move items to the areas we will be using for photos. It won’t be the whole house and dust is not really visible from a distance. I promise, your house will be just perfect.




So, are you ready to book your In Home Family Session? Click Here

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